Winnie the Pooh (Misc.)

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Rabbit's typically the only motivation I have to watch anything of Pooh, as a few of the more main characters exhibit such a surfeit of sugariness as to be often insufferable. But I recognize that they all represent different kinds of personalities or moods, and the whole is usually better than the sum of its parts.

But nevertheless, Rabbit's consistently cynical and/or harried enough that to my mind, he's both more realistic and more entertaining than the rest. There are occasional exceptions among the others, but this seems a pretty dependable rule to me :)

 Condescending Coney

 Roo - rough production drawing

 Angry Rabbit

 Angry Rabbit (redux)

Curator: Farallon
Gallery Created: 9/2/2002

Presentation 8.54/10   Collection 8.92/10   Overall 8.73/10   Votes 38 votes
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