Road Rovers

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"Road Rovers" was a wickedly funny and all too short-lived series about a group of canine crime fighters (the pets of various world leaders in their off-time). A production of Warner Bros. Television Animation, the show ran from September 1996 through February 1997...receiving essentially no advertising or network support during its run. Cels from this series have generally been hard to come by, and what's displayed here is the result of several years' diligent hunting.

 Ravishing or Ravaged?

 Tennis, Anyone?

 Endangered Species

 No, YOU Fetch!

 Miss Cleo, He's Not

 River Rovers
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Curator: Farallon
Gallery Created: 9/2/2002

Presentation 8.54/10   Collection 8.92/10   Overall 8.73/10   Votes 38 votes
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