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Greetings! Thanks for checking out my animation art collection. I've been a fan and collector of American & Canadian animation for many years. Many of my favourite series & films unfortunately didn't last very long, so locating artwork has often proved challenging. Still, the challenge is half the fun of collecting :-) Please let me know what you think!

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7/26/2005Comic-Con has been put astern once again, but unfortunately the place seems to have fewer and fewer animation dealers every year. Galleries that were once "candy stores" full of wonderful animation art have now traded out for other so-called "artists" instead (*cough*Everhart*cough*). Hopefully the pendulum will someday swing again the other way. However, a few dealers still had the goods! Lots of great art from "All Dogs Go To Heaven 2" came from Backlot Animation, so thanks again! I'd been looking for art from that film for ages...

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Title Last Updated
All Dogs Go To Heaven 7/30/2005
All Dogs Go To Heaven (TV) 7/27/2005
All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 7/26/2005
Animalympics 7/28/2004
Balto 7/26/2005
Chuck Jones (Limited Editions) 1/4/2004
Dink, the Little Dinosaur 5/7/2004
Finding Nemo 7/28/2004
Fox & the Hound, The 9/3/2002
Land Before Time, The 5/7/2004
Lilo & Stitch 7/6/2005
Miscellaneous 2/26/2004
Oliver & Company 6/21/2003
Pebble & the Penguin 7/28/2004
Pinky & the Brain 10/4/2004
Pocahontas 5/8/2004
Pon Poko 2/26/2004
Raccoons, The 1/14/2003
Road Rovers 2/26/2004
Secret of NIMH, The 7/28/2004
Taz-Mania 9/3/2002
Timon & Pumbaa (Misc.) 1/17/2004
Titan A.E. 9/3/2002
Winnie the Pooh (Misc.) 10/4/2004
Woody Woodpecker (Misc.) 7/22/2003

Curator: Farallon
Gallery Created: 9/2/2002

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